Hi y'all from South Texas

Hi Y’all;
I am sitting here typing this while listening to The Tech Guy podcast. Been a Leo Laporte fan since the days of Leo and Patrick Norton on Screensavers. Funny thing is that I was not interested in computers or programming until about 25 years ago. My wife still remembers back in the day when I did not want to visit her friend with her because her husband would only talk about programming and at the time I was not interested in anything computers. Was in the Military at the time. Then one day the Admiral put me in charge of starting a new computer system to track submarine retrofit and lo and behold I found that I had a knack for it. So got out became an educator, math teacher, assistant principal and now a Technology Supervisor for the same district. I am in my dream job. Looking forward to learning a lot in this community and hoping I can share some things. Hope everyone is doing well. Talk with everyone later. KEEP ON TAKING A BYTE!


Howdy from Central Texas!

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Hello from Central Colorado, Aurora Colorado!