Greetings from New England

I’m a long time tech user/software developer. To put things in perspective, the 1st computer I owned was a Tandy MS-DOS 8086 (maybe 8088) box with…wait for it… a green (monochrome) monitor and a whopping 10MB hard drive. I paid $500 for an early version of Microsoft’s C Compiler (yes, C, not C++) that came on a couple of 5.25" floppy disks.

Over the past 35 years I’ve developed desktop PC software for Windows, Mac, and Linux using a C, C++ and Java, along with proprietary languages such as MATLAB. I still enjoy the challenges of software development, most days :grinning:

I first started watching Leo “back in the day” on The Screensavers when it aired on TechTV…

I’m a Boston sports fan, but not a fanatic.


Hello from Colorado!!!

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Howdy from Texas. My 1st computer was a Tandy as well

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I’m a new England native myself! I would most certainly call myself a fanatic although I don’t really like the NFL or NBA in general. Huge huge huge huge red Sox fan and Bruins.

I live way out in the middle of the Pacific ocean now though. I miss new England! Welcome!!

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Welcome from chilly Canada!

I hope you have a good time here. This place has been really great so far!

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