My Computing Life


I started with computing in the 70s. My elementary school had an IBM. I started using a punch-card. At Christmas 1981, I received an Atari 2600. Christmas 1983, I received a Colecovision Adam Family Computer. It had a form of Apple Basic, a spreadsheet, letters and forms, Logo and a ton of games. I really took to programming by copying Basic code out of the back of magazines. I took typing in Junior High and would write code in study hall. I starting using First Choice for my Father’s business and started learn other things on his 8088. The Apple II was the computer I used in computer literacy. I received a Tandy 1000TX for high school and later moved on to a 386DX40 . I learned to hack video games for release on the STB video card BBS. I also built a PC database for quick map lookup for Pizza Inn and built many programs at school. I first used a Video Toaster in college. I dropped out in 1995 to start an Internet web marketing business using Linux. I was one of the first companies to use SSL by using an experimental Netscape key. I closed the business down in 1997 and moved to Austin. In 1998, I joined the biotech firm Luminex. I built a new network infrastructure, telecom system and IT department from scratch. I then started a consulting business. I moved back to Dallas in 2006. I started working for the family business and moved all the systems online.I managed for a few years after my father died. I then gave it to the employees and moved back to Dallas. In Austin I continued consulting work. I ran a Tricaster at CES for Livid Lobster. I am now a Twitch streamer and write on Medium and my Mom’s watercolor site. I will soon install Chromium on older PCs and laptops so I can then donate then to underprivileged kids.


Glad to have ya here. Interesting computer life you have had

hello and welcome…I too had a colecovision Adam. I loved that machine. I appreciate your work giving underprivileged kids old computer running google chrome. What a great idea