My chat not showing?

When I tried to join the chat today, I don’t think my text was showing at all. I didn’t see it appear when the show was showing the chat room. I could see my chat and interact with others a few weeks ago.

I’m at a different location that I was a few weeks ago. Do you all block certain IP addresses?

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If you were blocked, normally you wouldn’t be allowed to connect to the IRC server at all. It’s possible there is some filter that only allows some of the chat messages onto the “big screen” maybe?

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I don’t do anything - the chat is community run. But I think there’s a two or three minute hold between when you log in and when you get “voiced.”

Wait a bit then try to chat.

Maybe if one of the mods is in here they can weigh in.


I believed that it’s 70 seconds.


Thanks everyone. I’ll try again tomorrow.


Looks like my chat was working today, so must have been a glitch yesterday on how I was using the app.

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