I'm Banned but I havn't been on in years?

I had to step away from watching TWiT due to being at work and playing in a band. I just got my Mirc running to join in and tell everyone that I loved that TWiT is still going and some of my favorite show are still around and I get a wierd error from the chat

.-irc.twit.tv- *** You’re banned. Probably shouldn’t have done that.

Closing link: (unknown@64.188) [K-Lined: VPN/Proxy use is against server policy http://j.mp/chatrules]

But I’m not using a proxy and I’m confused any help.
I hope no one used my IP to do something bad!!

Are you using any VPN? Those aren’t allowed.

Seems to me I ran into this a few weeks ago. Try a different browser.

I’m using the mIrc chat client and I don’t use a VPN.

Just for grins, try browsing to TechGuyLabs and click on the IRC link.

lol i did there too, banned maybe someone copied my IP.

Try power cycling your ISP equipment to grab a new IP. Likely someone was running something perceived to be naughty on the IP you got served before it was assigned to you. Mine gets blacklisted by various filtering services periodically because I host a Tor relay (not an exit, mind you).

Unless you paid for a static IP there is a good chance your IP changes regularly.
For some this may be weekly or longer, for me each day at around 2:20 am

It happens to random regulars in chat. Often a few days later they can come back.
For now the irony is you will have to use a VPN or proxy that hasn’t been blocked.
There is a proxy extension called “SkyZip”, intended for compressing page data before you get it (like Opera turbo). This is not banned thankfully so until your IP refreshes you can use the webIRC.
If Twit decide to block it, they also block every customer using the Nynex satelite ISP.

If you have a new ISP, you may still want to figure out if they’re using a transparent proxy on your behalf. This part is not always easy to debug but there is one tool I’ve recommended to verify your browser transmission and the server. If there are inserted and/or modified headers then there is a proxy or tunnel interfering with your connection. https://www.toolsvoid.com/proxy-test/

Otherwise, you are not the first to have this issue. I helped an individual on this forum months ago for the same thing. He did not have any VPNs or proxies either so it was suggested he find the contact info for the IRC admins. If they are not on this forum, you can try the TWiT email address: info@twit.tv.

Also, if a whole block of IPs is banned, find out if you are on CGNAT (carrier grade NAT). You’ll know if you are if the public IP address you see at whatismyip.com is different to that on your router. See if your ISP can move you off CGNAT to give you a real IP address and see if you can get in to irc.twit.tv

My ISP (AussieBroadband) defaults to CGNAT, but can be removed on request. Important if you are running a server or for online gaming.

I get the same thing and have only used chat once in the last 5 years. I have tried every browser, different devices, etc… and can’t get in the chat. I even tried with my wife’s devices (who I know has never used the chat) and get the something.

I run a Online Radio show so after I do my Morning show I’ll Try to Change my IP and let you all know how that goes!!

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This is going to be a bunch of opinion on IRC. If you don’t want to read an opinion, please skip ahead.

This is just the poor design of [this] IRC server[s]. You SHOULD be able to connect with an authentication (using SASL) for example, to bypass any k-line/ban. Banning IP addresses should be the last defense, not the first. If everyone authenticated on connection, then you could ban their credentials if they became a problem, and if they didn’t present any credentials then you could fall back on other means, like k-lines. This would allow known good (and/or not yet proven bad) people to get past a ban not meant for them. In my opinion, some of the moderation of the TWiT IRC can be a little heavy handed.

As you said, this is your opinion and you are entitled to it but IRC servers have permanent bans to ensure that there are no issues with those who abuse and constantly break the rules.

It could be that management needs to fix certain issues but if this poster who just got banned is even changing IPs to circumvent the block, I can only imagine what the bad guys are trying to do. It does not fix the issue either, it simply hides it.

If he is a good guy, the reality is he can be put on the whitelist as they’ve done in the past and then the server admins can figure out if there is a vulnerability or another user affecting the server.

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Just and FYI I sent and email out to see if I was banned and if the mods could help!!

IRC is old and creaky and it needs to be improved. The point was that an IP address is not a person or entity or identity. In most cases it’s easy to change your IP address. So the admins end up playing whack a mole. If the IRC server switched to requiring SASL then you couldn’t connect without asserting an identity, and then you wouldn’t be permitted to do damaging things without an identity. And then you could ban problematic identities. You’ll still play whack a mole, but it will have a different flavour, but most importantly it won’t affect innocents.

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Changed IP to static and still blocked. I even went through the website chat this time.
[10:57] qwebirc v0.92

[10:57] Copyright © 2008-2012 Chris Porter and the qwebirc project.

[10:57] http://www.qwebirc.org

[10:57] Licensed under the GNU General Public License, Version 2.

[10:57] == *** (qwebirc) Looking up your hostname…

[10:57] == *** (qwebirc) Couldn’t look up your hostname!

[10:57] == Connected to server.

[10:57] -irc.twit.tv- *** Looking up your hostname…

[10:57] -irc.twit.tv- *** If you are having problems connecting due to ping timeouts, please type /quote PONG WQrVGxtFEa or /raw PONG WQrVGxtFEa now.

[10:57] -irc.twit.tv- *** Could not resolve your hostname: Domain name not found; using your IP address ( instead.

[10:57] -irc.twit.tv- *** You’re banned. Probably shouldn’t have done that.

[10:57] == ERROR: Closing link: (webuser2@64.188.185) [K-Lined: VPN/Proxy use is against server policy http://j.mp/chatrules]

[10:57] == Disconnected from server: Connection to IRC server lost.

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Hi :slight_smile: Your IP address you are connecting from seems to be missing part of the IP address: 64.188.185 it should have another dot and more numbers. example:

I get the banned message when I connect through my VPN but I just cycle some exits and find one that does connect.

When you say you changed your IP to static the post above describing this is for your external WAN IP not your internal LAN IP. I am not sure what tech level you are so if this is known to you, please ignore :wink: My understanding is that USA generally has fixed IPs for domestic addresses. In the UK we have dynamic addresses that change every so often. The earlier poster said to turn your router/modem off and then back on, this will get you a different WAN IP if your provider gives dynamic IPs. You can check you external WAN IP address before and after here: https://whatismyipaddress.com/ to see if it changes.

You could try a free VPN and see if you can connect. For example: ProtonVPN: The only free VPN with no ads and no speed limits

Otherwise it is just getting to the correct person at TWIT to unblock your IP.

Notes: you may have removed part of your IP for privacy. I am not an expert in networks.

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