Moto G Cell Phones

I have been a Moto G user for a long time now. They are a reliable
more bang for your buck phone.

Recently I bought a new Moto G60 on Andriod 12…

Moto G60

Maybe my Topic Name should have been What do you get with a $200.00 phone that you don’t get with a $1200.00 Phone :joy:

You can all decide for yourselfs. Here are the specs…

Moto G60 Specs

iPhone 13 Specs

This is just what works for me, it has everything that is important to me.

   6GB Ram

120Hz Display :+1:

Batttery Life- 6000 mAh

FM Radio 3.5mm Jack USB On The Go

Micro SDXC Card Slot

I use a Moto G30 as my backup Phone.

I like the Moto G. It’s on my shortlist for a stopgap device until my next flagship purchase. The only things holding me back are the lack of Qi charging, and the display size is a bit too large for me. Big points for including a 3.5mm jack and an SD card slot though!

However… I think comparing it to an iPhone or a top end Android device is a bit of a stretch. There’s a considerable list of what you don’t get with the G60 compared to pricier options, and maybe some don’t matter so much, but I think the SoC would be hardest to live with for me. That bottom end 7 series Snapdragon will have a noticeable performance gap in terms of usability compared to the A15, or even a top end Snapdragon 8 series. Maybe it doesn’t matter if you’re just doing basic messaging and calling you’ll feel it if you’re using smartphone features. Camera on the Moto is lacking as well. Megapixels don’t tell the full story. My 2¢