Most recent Windows Update appears to deprecate VM VirtualFX (Remote GPU)

I don’t use the MS VM support because it conflicts with VirtualBox, which I do use, but you probably don’t want to be caught unaware by this change.


This is optional hardware. It isn’t needed for a “normal” VM - I have a dozen or so VMs running (command line and graphical UI) and none of them need this RemoteFX adapter.

I’m guessing it is if you want to use the VM for gaming or heavy 3D work (desktop games don’t need it, so heavy 3D games).

I remember when RemoteFX first came out I had just been given some real responsibilities in my company, and therefore a little bit of access to some of our server resources.

Whoever decided to have that faith in young me was unfortunately mistaken, however, as I installed Counter Strike in short order on some systems that certainly shouldn’t have had it to test out this cool new tech.

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“RemoteFX vGPU has been deprecated in Windows Server 2019 and customers are advised to use Discrete Device Assignment (DDA) instead of RemoteFX vGPU. DDA was introduced in Windows Server 2016,” Microsoft noted.

The RemoteFX is depricated anyway, in Server 2019 and a newer technology, DDA, has already replaced it and is the preferred method of using 3D acceleration in VMs.