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So I have a ‘safeguard hold’ on my Samsung, so can’t get 22H2 yet. As Paul said, the info page gives zero info on what the issue is.

I get prompted by MS, Samsung and Intel for updates, often for the same devices (WiFi, Bluetooth, display driver).

Should you always stick with what the OEM rolls out?

For example, Intel is currently notifying me of a display driver update.

Not sure where you guys get this idea that SMB’s have to “train” employees on new Windows features. I have worked IT at a SMB’s all my life and we never once trained employees on any Windows change. Even when Windows 11 came out, every employee figured things out by themselves.

In Fact, I would question an employee’s overall computer skills if they needed training on the start menu moving to the center.

The feature changes for at least 7 years in Windows have been so insignificant so the idea businesses are “freaking out” about training employees is just completely incorrect.


It’s weird, because supposedly there are new security features, but they all default to off on an upgrade and only try to activate on a new install. One of them requires hardware virtualization features enable in the BIOS to even work. So I guess the only question I can wonder about is if they’ve somehow attempted to detect the enablement of hardware features that are technically optional. Do you have the hardware virtualization features turned on in your BIOS?

I would argue that small businesses don’t spend any money on training because they think they can’t afford it. Larger businesses most definitely offer training to employees about significant changes to their infrastructure. When my former employer switched all the developers from Solaris to Linux, they required us (developers mind) to take a course on “Linux Fundamentals”.

Yes, Vt is enabled. I’m in no rush for 22H2, not going to bypass setup, just frustrating when MS gives you a link to ‘learn more’ that takes you to a page with little info.