Help finding episode

I recollect seeing one of the TWIT shows with a story about a smartphone camera handheld mount last week, but cannot find it now. Any help out there?

MacBreak covered that. I’ll edit this if I find the exact point.

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Thanks. Will take a look at video podcast.

Okay, so the reason why I remember is that it was a two part recommendation. Alex Lindsay recommended the selfie-stick and Andy Ihnatko recommended the claw. Anyway, I think the info is split across MacBreak and iOS today. I found part of it in iOS today at about 1h 29m. Still haven’t found the part where Leo followed up with Andy and Alex.

Thanks. You hit the nail on the head. GRIPT handgrip.

It’s in MBW 691: the stick gets a mention at 2:28 and the GRIPT at 3:52.

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