Microsoft plans big Windows 10 UI refresh in 2021 codenamed 'Sun Valley'

This should be interesting to see how Windows 10 changes with this update. What do you think?

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I think the current design has held up pretty well, but Microsoft has also implemented UI changes in a very gradual manner which I think makes it easier for people to accept.

Glad to see they’re continuing to develop tablet mode. This feature doesn’t get enough love from users.

more legacy UI areas are expected to get dark mode support

This always looks super kludgy to me though…

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I think they need to focus on Windows X and leave a “working well enough” Windows 10 to ferment a bit. (They just updated the look of the Start menu in 20H2 after all.) It would be great if they could find a way to componentize Windows enough that you could have a stable core with a bunch of different UI choices, much as you can with Linux. (Thinking KDE, Gnome, XFCE, and others, see some pics of one distro here: )

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That is what Windows NT promised. A core Kernel with interchangeable graphic interfaces… Only Microsoft never got beyond Windows 3.1 and then Windows 95 interfaces.

One problem is that Windows 10 is still too inconsistent. It needs a complete overhaul to make it consistent. Setting? Do I go to the new settings or the control panel?

On around 40% of our machines nobody (including domain admins) have privileges to change anything through the modern settings and they have to switch to the old control panel to change anything. On one server, the administrator can’t even call up Windows Update, because they don’t have permission!

They really need to get their act together and make things consistent. Whether that is “finishing” the job they started or making a fresh start is irrelevant to me, I just want a consistent experience.


I would have agreed with you a year ago, but at this point I think Windows X is a total boondoggle. I think there’s some serious infighting about what it’s supposed to be. If they had positioned it as THE operating system for the Surface X and for all future devices using the SQ series chips, then maybe I’d see a future for it. But I think it’s shaping up to be another Windows S-mode situation. Hope I’m wrong!

Me too. I really want a GUI based hypervisor that can run many different programs effectually in their own VM. Otherwise I might just have to switch to QubesOS.

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