Microsoft has no plans to make future Windows 10 updates like Windows 10 1909

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Actually, I just look for articles from different sites - I come across all sorts of places. I don’t look at any 1 particular place that closely…

I am disappointed, but not surprised by this news. I’m strongly considering switching to Mac because the update cadence for Windows 10 has been way too fast for me (1909 notwithstanding). Now I know that there have been issues with major macOS releases too, so I’m not suggesting that macOS would be without it’s issues. But at least Apple only updates macOS once a year.

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Maybe I missed something. What is so disappointing about this news? They used a different method for 1909 and they don’t plan to do it that way again. What’s the big deal?


I am a Windows person, also very tech savy but in my view 2 feature updates per year is way to fast. I wont be switching to anything else but, the way I will handle it is to remain one version behind and then upgrade it just before the version EOL. Im on 1903 and 1909 now, I won’t be upgrading now until this time next year.

However I don’t understand from MS point of view I think they got themselves stretched way to thin. I’d think it would be better for them and Windows if they reduced it to 1 feature update a year or 2 years would be a sweet spot. They could still to the security updates and other updates as usual. Win 10 was supposed to be more simpler for them with less versions and editions then previous versions of Windows?

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I don’t understand this perspective. How do you even notice the changes? I couldn’t even list a few of them most of the time. I don’t think there have been many drastic changes at all, Microsoft mostly seems focused on keeping things working for users that have been using the same shortcuts or tricks since forever. (I would say Microsoft is much more concerned with backward compatibility than Apple ever was.)


Let me be clear. It’s not the new features I notice. It’s the new issues that come up every time I update to the latest Feature Update. It seems to me that Microsoft doesn’t seem to appreciate how disruptive these Feature Updates are to some people. I also would like to add that my point was to simply say that Microsoft should only be doing one major Feature Update per year (like the 1903 / 1909 upgrade cycle) as opposed to what they have been doing previously, which was two major updates per year. I think the way they have been updating Windows 10 prior to 1903 and 1909 has been untenable for me.

Also to clarify, I haven’t had any issues with 1909 when updating from 1903. That was my general point. In previous updates, I’ve encountered some real issues with Bluetooth devices and other peripherals not working exactly right. With this latest update, I haven’t had any major issues yet (thankfully). Microsoft should seriously consider slowing down their update cadence, although I’m not expecting that to happen.


Ah, I understand your point now. I’ve updated many machines through all versions of Windows 10 (from Windows 7 or 8) and never once had any issue other than one bug with notifications not working right for a couple of months. I did have a friend who had issues because they had multiple partitions and Linux in one of them. I don’t have a complex setup I guess.