Microsoft OneDrive Compliance Lock

Interesting RT from the WalkingCat account on Twitter:

Can’t say I ever considered that my entire Microsoft ecosystem could get effectively wiped just for having some Nintendo ROMs or some such stored on my OneDrive. I bet many people don’t even know that OneDrive vacuums up Desktop/Documents by default in many instances. Reading the cries for help in the useless support forums is terrible - folks who simply want BitLocker recovery keys from their account can’t even get them.

The cloud - it’s just someone else’s computer.

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This is the very reason why I have no online MS accounts (except for VMs designated to run Windows Preview builds.) I hate how MS “integrates” OneDrive. I have told the system I don’t want to use OneDrive via the Group Policies, and yet they keep reinstalling it, or at least the icon into my explorer. They have started scanning and removing stuff they consider questionable, including on network drives you ever access. This is also why I won’t ever own any MS console… because they try to tie it all together. I know there are generally good intentions, but I also know mistakes happen and the system is all automation, with no one to call for help.