OneDrive sync errors

A follow-up to Paul’s discussion about backups this week. I have everything turned on in OneDrive’s backup and sync settings.

But because some apps store their files in folders (Luminar saves its catalogue, cache files in Pictures for example), their choice of filenames gives OneDrive sync errors. I obviously can’t change the filenames, 'cos the app won’t work.

No problem I thought, I don’t need an app’s cache files backed up, so I’ll turn it off in the OneDrive settings - but OneDrive won’t let me. Doesn’t like it because it is in the Pictures folder hierarchy :thinking:

And if a filename is acceptable to the OS, why is it not acceptable to OneDrive?

Any ideas on how to get rid of the annoying sync errors?

If I were to take a guess, One Drive is yelling about the file because it starts with a space.

It’s odd.

I dragged that file to my desktop. It immediately synced with no issues. Luminar started OK, but it wanted to do a catalog backup, so I let that run.

All seemed good. So I deleted the file, and OneDrive immediately warned me I’d deleted 700 files on my PC, did I want to delete them from OneDrive or restore them?

So I restored them, file reappeared, I put it back where it originally was, and all works fine now :upside_down_face:

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The filesystems utilized by your local PC and Microsoft’s hosted storage are wildly different. Microsoft has tried to engineer around the differences between each, but edge cases will fall through the cracks.

We should be thankful the OneDrive app throws a warning about it. I’ve experience with enterprise software of the past that won’t say a peep while writing some data, but will give you the proverbial middle finger when trying to retrieve said data because of some incompatibility.

IBM actually has a pretty good explainer on the differences between block (NTFS) and object (hosted) storage if you’re interested -

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