WW 706: Carpe Per Diem

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Gotta be careful about relying on OneDrive like that @MaryJo . Can’t remember if it was WW or elsewhere, but I remember a discussion about how Microsoft is actively monitoring OneDrive data for things that violate ToS. From what I’ve read, once your account has been locked for ToS violation it’s an absolute nightmare to get it unlocked. And of course the ToS is comically vague.

I was a heavy notepad user for a while. I do a good amount of technical documentation and often need to search back, kinda like what Paul and MJ described their workflow is. OneNote fits very well for me, been using it for almost 10 years at this point. My notepad file structure was a total mess, OneNote gives it a pretty good organizational framework, keeps me in line despite myself.

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I love using Onenote as a digital notebook. I keep a physical notebook of notes during my church services and transpose them to Onenote and study them out at home. Love how well Onenote does this. I have Onedrive with my O355 sub…but haven’t found a super creative solution for it. About the only thing I keep on it that is mission critical is my resume. So I can access it on my phone, Windows PC, & Mac.

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