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RE: Outlook for Mac is now free… Yay! But, when will I be able to use it with my on-premises Exchange server?

It works with iCloud, Outlook.com, Yahoo!, IMAP, but it doesn’t support Microsoft’s own Exchange Server? Back to using Apple’s Mail.app, it isn’t perfect, but at least it can talk to Exchange!

Edit: Aha, if I remove the flag to run the “current” version and it reverts back to the old version, I can attempt to log on, although it fails to actually connect.


I got a bit confused when Alex was saying he’d just use the new macOS Outlook app to talk to his customers that are on Exchange servers. Not sure what he meant :thinking: Is there something different about emails that originate from Exchange? Coloured text is not an Exchange-only feature.

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It’s because of the way Outlook (really all MS Office) creates the HTML markup for emails. It’s very unique in that they commonly utilize inline styles so apps like Mac Mail with dark mode just get unreadable text. There’s a long history as to why it works this way, so I totally get where Alex is coming from and for some people it’s probably just easier to have Outlook running.


For me, we have a lot of shared email accounts and we mark emails as completed, once we have actioned them - support and IT purchasing accounts, for example - and Apple Mail can flag those for follow-up at a later time, but the option to mark them as finished is missing.

Unfortunately, Outlook for Mac is not compatible with our Exchange, so I am currently doing Outlook over RDP on our Terminal Server instead.