MBW 757: Leo: Warrior Princess

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One thing worth noting about the Russian iPhone story after reading the original article (in Russian) - users will be able to opt-out of “certain” apps when they activate their phones. This implies that at least one of the apps will have to be installed.

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@Leo Alex’s pick was what I was referring to in the TWIT and OBS Ninja thread.

So now that the hompod is gone and the chromecast audio is gone, what do you use now?

Airplay 2 is the best wireless technology out there right now if you’re an iPhone user. Just make sure you buy speakers/receivers that are AirPlay 2 capable. Many are these days.

Apple’s ecosystem play is getting stronger and stronger. I know a monoculture is a bad thing in any ecosystem, but dammit they do good stuff. It’s why I barely use an iPhone any more.