MBW 841: A Deck of Crackers

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There were quite a few dropped frames in Jason’s video. I assume that it’s a result of continuity camera and not his connection.

The funniest and greatest thing Andy ever said (IMO)
“send him [Jony Ives] to his fainting couch” - about the scrolling “pill” appearing in a window.


With its dedicated YouTube player, the DuckDuckGo browser for MacOS Beta (Andy’s recommendation) is excellent for playing YouTube videos. It works well for that purpose, and you never get YouTube advertisements.

This is an excellent thing to tell less technical friends and family about: install the browser and show them how they can copy and paste a URL into DuckDuckGo to play the video there.



Andy: DuckDuckGo Browser for Mac!
Leo: Mini pumpkins hidden in our office!

I know I’m about the opposite of a tech nerd, but is it bad that I have no idea what Jason’s Pick of the Week is, or what it does, without Googling it…

Jason’s Inkplate is a little computer! Does that help?

Honestly, I even went to the website, and I’m still not sure exactly what it is, or what it is used for. But that’s ok, because then along came Alex’s pick, which mystified me even further.

I’ve honestly learned a lot about tech from all the TWIT shows I watch, but at times like this, I’m reminded that my grasp of technology has its’ limitations! :face_with_monocle:

I can’t believe the show title wasn’t “A Dongle Arrives Tomorrow”. Good episode!


Jason’s pick is an electronic sign, like you used to get at a doctor’s office for the next patient, or on a meeting room door, to show whether there was currently a meeting in progress (a simple slider that went from free to occupied), except, instead of being static, you can give it any text, or even an image, you want to display. Fun, but probably not practical for most people, a geeks toy.

Alex’s is for film makers, to scope out shots on location and work out which lenses they need for shots for their cameras. Saves money on lenses they don’t need and on the amount of kit they need to take to a location.

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The DuckDuckGo browser is not really for private browsing. There a some complaints because of the microsoft tracking implemented … → h***s://restoreprivacy.com/duckduckgo-browser-microsoft-tracking/

and to Alex: i have onedrive app on my phone to back up all fotos automatically also to onedrive … maybe this is something you can consider :slight_smile:

Yes, but I thought they backtracked on that?

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yes … but telling everyone they do not track until they were caught and than apologize … that’s not the right behavior in this case … just my 2cents …

My favorite Twit show. Always love the viewpoints on the Mac, iOS and Apple’s other products.