MBW 836: Travis, I'll Take One of Each

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Fun show. I downloaded Knot Words… the instructional tutorial was fun. Then I got to the first puzzle. I don’t want to think anymore. :slight_smile:

WebAuthn is now the official World Wide Web Consortium standard verses any hope of Steve’s SQRL?

The iPad version of Knotwords runs on M1 Macs. One caveat: the app pegs two of the high-performance CPUs on my M1 MBP (and M1 iMac). The upside: the slow heating of my laptop provides incentive to solve the puzzles rapidly :dizzy_face:. I filed a bug report with the dev a couple of month ago. I haven’t heard of any iOS apps spinning on M1 Macs; I was hoping that Apple would notice. Has anyone seen this behavior on any other iOS apps on their M1 machines?

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Same experience with Knotwords on Windows. For a game with very little going on, they’re running it at high frame rates. I suspect they may be using a game engine that doesn’t allow the CPU/GPU to rest, as soon as it paints a frame it immediately launches the next frame. I created a hangman game in Love2D that also had this problem, and when I asked on Reddit if there was an official solution I was told the platform didn’t have official support for “on demand screen refreshing” and was told I’d have to roll my own.

Unrelatedly: I bought Knotwords on Steam and played it for a little over two months, before getting tired of it. It’s challenging, some of the words are a little too uncommon, and if you wanted to get the achievements you’re going to have to play every day for a year… just a little too much pressure to play something that soon became more rote than fun.

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This is a bit of a mystery on M1 MacOS machines. They are running the same source code from the iPad; the app is NOT a CPU hog on the iOS platforms. I wish @leo would ask @jsnell about this in the next MBW. The quiet period before the next event might be a good time to discuss this M1 MacOS bug.

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Leo: Here is my experience story: I order Space Blace pro max 1TB coming sept 29-30. Last Friday I went to the 4th st Apple store in Berkeley, CA around 8-8:30am. They did not have space black but they had Purple. I love the Purple. I am in New Orleans for the past week and have taken a lot of photos and videos. LOVE it. I am only going to use the 1x lens and zoom in and crop where I want. I love the purple so much I traded in my Apple case in Black for the Deep Purple case

I am currently in New Orleans. I took Manny shot and videos. Amazing. I am only going to use the 1x 48mb lens. I sent AQnt on HOP 2 pics a 12mp RAW 48 mp RAW what is amazing is when you zoom in. In these photos I can read the name on the tug on the other side of the missippi river. But when you zoom all the way in just wat you can see. Not razer shap but when you see the zoomed out shot and the zoomed in shot you will be shocked.

Also Leo: the editing on the Apple main camera App was always lacking. NOT Anymore. I can adjust just about anything. Brightness, saturation, shadow detail, black-point, an on and on. The only thing I can’t do is do things like removing telephone power lines and such. I previous had the iPhone 12 pro max. The close focusing on my 14 pro max is incredible. I can for example almost touch my camera to a menu in a restaurant and it will focus. The 12 could not do that. Also the Lenses on video recording are so big now that I actual got the lens flare effect. Where you would need a lens hood to reduce on a DSLR camera.