MBW 711: ARM Twist

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Great show, as always, but then I’m biased since this is my favorite TWiT show. Regarding the new keyboard and iPads, I’ve had my keyboard for about a week now, paired with my 2018 12.9” iPad Pro, and the more I use it, the more enthralled I am with it. Unlike Lory’s experience with the smaller IPad, I find it easily lap-able, and I love that I can just grab the iPad off of the keyboard and go. I used the key modifier to add an escape key (option key so I have one on each side) and just started using Lightroom for iPad and the trackpad is fantastic for this.

I always had an iMac, but when my 2007 was no longer supported, I bought the iPad Pro and my husband gave me his MacBook Pro that was getting a little long in the tooth. I found that I almost never looked at the laptop, and we ended up selling it off. With the new OS with file support, and all of the great apps, I don’t miss a “computer” at all. There are some peculiarities, like the interface in photo storage between Google, Apple, and Lightroom, but there always seems to be a solution not too far behind. Totally loving this combination. I may even have to get an Apple Pencil!

One thing no one seems to mention is that with the iPad/Magic combo, the biggest plus is having keyboard/trackpad interface plus TOUCH! Oh, and tell Lory that she can keep multiple tabs open with slide-over. It’s really easy to flip through them that way.

Thanks for the great shows!


Just a quick correction the iPad 7th generation $329 does have the smart connector. Thanks again Leo Andy Rene Lori for such amazing content

Ah yes, thanks @venvidivinci - I see they added the connector in the newest generation. That’s nice.

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