MBW 820: 30 Years of Newton

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There seems to be something wrong with the YouTube video for this episode. I can’t get it to play. 30 Years of Newton - 1 Billion Safari Users, SwiftUI in 2022, BTS - YouTube

It is playing fine for me…

Edit: Sorry, call came in as I was answering, so it was a bit short.

I opened it in Firefox on Windows 11 and it played just fine. Sounds like a problem your end. Have you tried restarting browser/device?

With regard to the unions, one of our sites recently unionised, one other was already unionised, when we bought it off a third party that was divesting some of its non-core products.

The management told the staff it wasn’t necessary, and they should just talk to them, but the staff went ahead anyway. It turned out, all they wanted was a payrise and it was so reasonable, that management said they would have agreed without the union… It just meant a redtape nightmare for them and it costs the company more in employee time, where the union reps on site have to have paid time set aside each month to deal with union business, they also need a separate room (for private discussions with employees) and PC for their use, separate from their work PC.

To head this off at the other sites, they were pro-active and set up an employee advisory board, which can bundle complaints and suggestions and pass them on to management and also discuss things like pay with them, with no repercussions - they get the same immunity as union reps.

But, you need an exceptional employer, who really cares for and looks out for their employees. That is pretty rare, in my experience. I’ve had a couple of jobs, where the company really looked out for us, took care of us (E.g. on top of the standard 6 weeks sick pay, those that had been with the company for more than 10 years received 6 months sick pay - which was very useful, when I got mono at around 30 & was incapacitated for nearly 3 months), trained us, regular pay rises etc. and I’ve worked at really bad, authoritarian companies that were really dreadful.

It always strikes me, just how bad employment is in America.


If there is anyway that Andy can post those iPad sketches from comic creators, I know that would make me very happy. I also know that I would not be alone with that happiness, scores of comic book fans would be delighted. What say you Andy Ihnatko?