MBW 784: 4,000 Emmys

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It almost sounds like there is a case being made for withholding advancement opportunities by management against employees who speak up. Not that I’m saying that anyone on the panel actively supports it - but the casual way in which the rationale for it was described gives me an impression that there is neither surprise nor dismay that it’s occurring.

As a union member who happens to work in IT - this angers me considerably. If employees are punished or retaliated against (either explicitly by termination or reprimand, or implicitly by a lack of promotion) for speaking up about problems - that would seem to be a substantial problem. I’m not an attorney, but that would also seem to be a labor violation, regardless of whether or not it’s a common practice.

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Also - I really like Alec Lindsay’s Pick of the Week, H2R Gear. I’m trying to get my own home recording studio setup and this is a very nice utility for mapping all of my various devices and equipment.

It’s sad that the union movement in the US has been kneecapped by right-to-work laws etc.

In contrast, look what strong organizing has accomplished in Denmark…



That is an incredible story! Thank you for posting that, @Leo!