MBW 774: A Better Ihnatko

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My podcast client (Podcast Republic, Android) is failing to download the episode, and the error message is “URL could not be found”. I’m in the UK, using a major ISP to connect to the Internet, no filtering or blockers.

The Club Twit feed worked this morning (Germany, PocketCast Android, blockers). Are you using the normal feed?

I just started downloading the audio standard version over 4G, it is downloading fine. Added the subscription and downloaded the latest episode.

Is it possible the feed has been changed ( @PDelahanty ) ? I know a couple of other feeds stopped working in the past and I dropped them and re-subscribed and they started working again. I don’t know whether that was a problem with the podcast app or at TWiT.

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This is the URL my podcast app is attempting to use:

The link works online in Brave on my iPad.

Is your ISP blocking chartable?

Very good discussion over privacy and tracking today.

That’s not the right URL for the episode. Try refreshing your feed. The correct URL for this episode of MacBreak Weekly is:

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I tried deleting and redownloading - no luck. Tried unsubscribing, searching for the podcast and resubscribing - still fails. The URL my client is picking up is still https://pdst.fm/e/chtbl.com/track/E91833/cdn.twit.tv/megaphone/mbw_774/TWI4660916186.mp3.