New TWIT shows not showing in Apple Podcasts - iOS 14.5B2

Maybe it’s just me, and if so, I’d love to know how to refresh it, but the TWIT shows aren’t coming up in Apple Podcasts for me any more.

I’m on the 14.5B2 version (love the mask/watch unlock!) and just noticed this. Other feeds come up OK, but all the TWIT shows don’t. Last I have is The Tech Guy Feb 14th. Maybe I need to look at the other podcatchers…

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Same problem here… Works fine on new apple device (iPad) but old iPhone for a week now says the episode is not currently available. Has been that way for a week and seems to apply to all TWIT shows. unit is a iPhone plus running 12.5.1 and using wifi only as no cell service on this old phone…

As has been mentioned elsewhere, make sure your network configuration (say PiHole) is not blocking some of the necessary sites, such as Charable and Megaphone. In these pandemic times, as advertising has become more scarce, more TWiT podcasts (in fact I think all of them) have recently moved to Megaphone to fill unsold advertising spots with Megaphone ad inserts.

I have had a slightly different problem… shows come to the app but with lots of delay. for example, a nightly show needs to be heard that night not the next mid-day. after a couple of updates that did not resolve this I switched to Overcast where I now get them even more promptly than I had with Podcast Addict before I changed platforms. I don’t understand how Apple can be offering paid subscriptions for a platform that provides such poor service.