Possible feed problem?

I’m subscribed to MBW MP3 episodes through the Android app Podcast Republic, and have listened to all episodes up to 701 which should be the latest. Today I noticed that the app is doing its usual cycle through my subscribed podcasts, but appears to stay for a very long time on the MBW feed, although nothing is being downloaded. After several minutes of inactivity, it moves on to Windows Weekly MP3, where it again appears to be just sitting, with no pending or failed downloads. @PDelahanty is it possible there’s anything amiss with the feed data, or should I suspect the app? I’ve already tried force closing and restarting it, and rebooting the phone, without any change in behaviour. Every time it refreshes the feeds it happily steps through other podcasts quite quickly until it gets to MBW when it stops, or rather slows to a crawl. Update: it’s just moved on to TWiG MP3 after at least 5 mins on WW MP3. Still appears to be hanging.

looks like TWiT have a problem. several of the domains are down

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We have multiple hosting providers for our site. The one that is currently hosting the feeds, IRC, live.twit.tv, and the TWiT Wiki has had their entire datacenter go offline.

We’re moving the feeds over to a different host and they should be back online VERY soon. (Same URL…we’ll redirect the DNS.)

Our downloads from CacheFly are not affected by this, so you can still get to episodes via TWiT.tv and download episodes there. YouTube is also obviously unaffected.


Ouch. That’s a really bad Monday for a hosting company, they have my sympathy. Thanks for letting us know it’s all under control. :+1:

Feeds should be back online!


What is the status of the IRC server?

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Offline. For IRC, the wiki, and live.twit.tv, we’ll likely wait for them to fix their datacenter issues. (They say they found a failed core fabric switch and a reboot did not resolve the issue.) Being a podcast company, the podcast feeds are fairly critical to TWiT, so we wanted to get them back up ASAP.


Refreshed feeds, went through at normal speed, so appears fine now.

IRC connection hanging though.

Update: sorry, our posts crossed, hadn’t seen your update.

Has someone got a valid invite link for the unofficial twit discord ?

I have a link to the “official” one that Leo, Russell, and I were testing while back. It has test posts from 2017. :slight_smile:

perhaps it is time to make it more public

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the audio stream twit.am is also down

Everything should be back online now.

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