MBW 761: Iron Butt²

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Not heard the episode yet.

A friend of mine did the Iron Butt rally a few times, holds the record for the smallest capacity bike to finish. He also did it on a Honda Pan European and a 1938 BMW.

I’m interested to see what a motorbike rally has to do with Apple… Feed starting in 3…2…1…

Edit: Damn show title is a mis-quote from @Leo. :smiley:

The PolyCam Alex recommended sure ain’t ready for primetime from my experience. Maybe I don’t have the correct technique?

; thinking about the iMac. I think the chin is where the computer is located. Looks to be about the same size. It would be cool if Apple made an iMac like you Microsoft surface one that tilts and has a touch screen. Then maybe I would want to buy one. I still think a Mac Mini is better then the iMac because you can select your own display.