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Here are the challenges I see for any sort of Apple Glasses project:

Assuming the rumors t hat they are thin and light are true (and, by extension, are fashionable and ‘real-world’ worthy) - there will only be so much space to cram in the various components. You have the frame (composed of the arms, the temple, and the lens area). That’s not a lot of room at all for cameras, processing, battery, storage, connectivity, and heat management.

Add into the mix the purported price tag of >$2,000 and you have a recipe for something that bears a striking resemblance to the Gold Apple Watch - especially since Apple is a fashion/luxury consumer goods company.

Even when you think about the advances Apple has made in miniaturization and chip-size reduction - that is still a lot of stuff that needs to be crammed into a pair of stylish glasses.

If this makes it way to market in a reasonable timeframe - I believe the glasses will have to be tethered to an iPhone in order for them to function. That would let Apple offload a lot processing and reduce the component load to cameras, battery, and connectivity. But you’re still saddled with Apple prices, which will limit market acceptance to those already neck-deep in the ecosystem and who also have the discretionary resources for the device.

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Given Apple’s privacy inclination, what could such glasses do meaningfully for the average person? We learned from glassholes that no one wants to be secretly watched or recorded. You can’t do face recognition without violating privacy. Apple is not in advertising, so pop-up ads when you walk by stores or products is out (because Apple doesn’t do advertising as well as because no one will want this.) What’s left that is useful to an average buyer?

Well - it could be argued that at the proposed price point, the notion of an ‘average buyer’ is a bit distorted. It’s like saying there was an average buyer for the Gold Apple Watch.