MBW 744: What Does the Duck Say?

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I didn’t have any problem activating the 3-month trial for Fitness+. It was automatically offered to me. It worked seamlessly on my iPhone X and my old Apple TV. At first, I airplayed a yoga workout from my phone to the Apple TV because it was only showing preview, not a play button on the Apple Tv Fitness app. So I unplugged the Apple TV, and when I started the fitness app again, it asked to pair with my watch and then I did a mind body routine with it.

Both routines were very nice, very high production quality, personable instructors, and I thoroughly enjoyed them. They were very beginner, with a nice stretchy delicious feeling, which is what I look for in yoga. I’ve been working out to videos for decades, starting with VHS. I’m part of the OG videofitness.com tribe. Nowadays, most of us subscribe to streams more than we buy DVDs or downloads. I’m really looking forward to doing more so I can report back to the girls (well mostly girls, I have seen one guy) at the videofitness forum.

What was the model AKG headphones Leo touted. I don’t want to relisten to the whole episode. Thanks

I don’t want to re-listen, either.

A search on twit.tv for akg headphones shows listings for the AKG K240 mkII and AKG K240 Studio. I’d guess the mkII. Both sets are listed on Amazon.

K240 Studio was shown. I’m a big fan. Got some old open-back K702s too that I love.

As Rene said, AKG is a subsidiary of Harman (along with Arcam, B&O, Infinity, JBL, Levinson and loads others), which in turn are owned by Samsung. Hence the ‘Sound by AKG’ branding on Samsung stuff. The HQ in Austria closed a while back, but they still manufacture there I think as well as China. They’ve lost a few staff - some of them set up Austrian Audio. Would quite like to try their Hi-X55 phones.


My wife is getting an Apple watch specifically to do Fitness+. When they say you need an Apple TV, does that mean Apple TV unit? We subscribe to Apple TV, and watch it on the Roku. Will that work, or will we have to watch it on iPad or iPhone?

Thanks. I didn’t think to search. First time on the forums.

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I believe you need the Apple TV unit. At least that’s what I have read. I have it and it works well on the IPAD or iPhone with OR without a watch. Without a watch you don’t get the onscreen metrics (obviously) You do need the watch to use it on the TV.

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iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV box; unfortunately Fitness+ is not compatible with AirPlay, so no streaming to another device either. I’m crossing my fingers Apple will release an updated Apple TV at a lower price point in 2021; the value is just not there right now ($150 HD, $179/$199 4K 32/64GB).

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So basically, Apple is for sure forcing you to buy a watch for fitness+, I can see that. But since you have to sign into TV+ with your Apple ID, can’t they link your fitness + to it, no matter what streaming device you own? We have iphones & iPads, but we have Smart Roku TV’s & Roku devices on the other ones. I’d really not spring for another streaming device, especially since we just dropped $400 on a watch.

I love Apple, but damn, give me a money break somewhere… I realize we can watch on our other devices, but why not on a 65 inch screen? :thinking:

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This thread suggests they’ve disabled using HDMI from an iOS device too for Fitness+.

I recognise many of the trainers from my NordicTrack - hope they don’t all migrate to Apple!

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On the £550/$550 Apple headphones, I view them as a luxury ‘smart’ product rather than hi-fidelity as they’re being advertised. Bit like high-end smart speakers. Lots of features, very clever, but not for me.

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So now this is rather upsetting. The ONLY reason my wife is buying a watch is Fitness+. The only reason we would subscribe to premier Apple One is Fitness+. I mistakenly thought we could watch it on the TV through Apple TV+. Watching on the iPhone, even though we have ProMax is silly, it’s too small. Even the iPads are not ideal. The watch is coming from Apple on the 28th. I’m thinking we will cancel that, and save ourselves $360 a year on the premier plan. I guess it’s up to my wife as to what she wants to do. I really don’t want to drop another $200 on an overpriced streaming device.

$100 on Swappa. What can I say? In for a penny, in for a pound.
Kidding aside I can empathize with your frustration.

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Well, I presented this all to my wife, & she said, I don’t care, I’m doing it.” So I’ll get her a stand for her iPad for $25.00, and let her have at it.

One person’s crisis is another person’s small annoyance… :smirk:

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I just tried airplaying it to my one year old LG TV with webOS, and only the audio comes through. Black screen. But I have an apple TV set up in my workout room.

Siri reacts differently when you activate it by holding down the button (in which case the phone knows you are looking at it) vs. if you use “Hey Siri”

If you say “hey Siri, what does a duck say?” Then the iPhone/iPad will play it for you."
If you hold the button to activate Siri and say “What does a duck say?” then the device will show you the knowledge card and you have to tap to get it to play.