TWiT News 362: Apple's September 2020 Reveal

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Lack of Pro Motion is a real Achille’s heel for me with the new Air from my 2017 Pro (which has the A10X). I don’t even trust the Magic Keyboard to be as good for typing while lying down. Close, but no cigar. Also, I have to wonder whether or not the new Pro in a year or two will leap-frog USB-C since that’s turned out to be such a quagmire of incompetence (I’m fine with portless as long as there’s still physical connectivity like an improved Smart Connector). Make it micro-LED, still have an origami keyboard option, and I’m there.

I ordered the red watch with the sports loop band. I’m so excited!

I’m a long-time exerciser to videos. I have an enormous collection of great workouts. But that doesn’t keep me from being excited about Fitness+ as well.

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The new Apple Watch is intriguing, however as I don’t have an iPhone, it’s completely useless. They really need to make the watch phone agnostic. Even Wear OS can use an iPhone and isn’t locked into Android.

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I’m happy to see Apple add Family Setup for Apple Watch, but disappointed that it will require a ~$10/per month cellular plan on top of the device upcharge. I’m curious whether when/whether we’ll see wireless carriers start to compete on these plans. The current $10 per month per device I see at Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile just doesn’t seem like a great value proposition for these devices.

They should have called that one ‘Don’t bother watching’ lol

Why is that??? Something wrong?

I pay $35 a month for a Great Call phone for my 85 year old mom. It’s sole purpose is emergency communication in case she falls, or her truck breaks down. If I lived closer so that I could show her how to use the watch, I would get one for her. I would also need to make sure it gets a signal in the areas she travels to in rural Arkansas. It wouldn’t take long for the monthly fees to pay for itself, and she’s more likely to have it on when she needs it. She doesn’t have an iphone, but she’s always thanking me for the iPad, calling it her lifeline to the world.


I let my 89yo dad try my Apple Watch and he had difficulty navigating and using it. I think it was a combination of small touch targets, his wrist being less steady, and the small screen size affording less context. He found it much easier to use the iPad, where he can increase the font size and have it rest on his lap or the table.


My 85 year old Mom loves her ipad. She uses it constantly. I was thinking the watch would be good for emergencies, like fall detection, since she lives alone. Well, except for 12 cats. I never in a million years would have predicted my mom would have cats, but they give her company and love and a reason to get up in the morning.

I suspect she would have trouble learning to use the watch. I tried to teach her how to order from Walmart but it’s hopeless long distance.