IOS 529: iOS 14.3 & Apple Fitness+

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I think your criticism of Apple’s subscriptions, especially Arcade, is premature. These are still almost entirely launch titles brokered late into the development process. Almost none are Apple born-and-bred, yet, for Arcade. Also, even if they did “sand off all the edges”, I’m with Mikah in at least just wanting a respite on mobile from free-to-play flogging. I embrace your embrace of artists as auteurs, but the production infrastructure, device power, and the audience expectation to support that just aren’t in place yet at the caliber you seem to be hankering for (and I do, too). That alone is reason to let it find its legs! Don’t cut it off at the knees at the whiff of homogeneity imposed by a fledgeling studio pipeline, please!

I personally love the game “tint.” and have spent hundreds of hours on it at this point, I absolutely adore it, one of my most cherished hobbies at this point. I recently loved the just-launched Alba wildlife adventure (aside from wonky control defaults that I think were clearly a bad decision for a gimmick by higher-up’s in the Planet of the Apps era of Apple’s forays into “content” production). South of the Circle was better than it had any right to be for such an obviously modest production. I loved the carefully crafted experience of LEGO Builder’s Journey. The Mosaic was a chilling and evocative tone-poem against dissociative panopticon. Agent Intercept is a blast (best with a controller). ATONE is a hand-crafted puzzle-adventure in the vein of mid-80’s PC games. There’s a whole smattering of fare they didn’t even have anything to do with developing, editorial or no: The Pathless, Sayonara Wildhearts, Cat Quest II. I think you’re mistaking your superficial chewing through content for your shows with what it’s like to actually be a paying customer with time and interest to really soak up what these experiences have to offer. With a little optimism toward a few years to get the ball truly, fully rolling and as Apple’s devices skyrocket in power with the Apple Silicon initiative, I think it’s a mistake to give Arcade such a hard pass.

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This is encouraging to hear. We’ll soon be subscribing to Apple One Premier and I’ve been looking forward to trying Arcade (and letting my kids try it too); I’m not a fan of the freemium gaming model.


I signed up for Apple One premium and so far I’m loving it!! I’m wasting lots of time on Arcade (didn’t think I would!!), using News+ A LOT, love the 2TB iCloud storage that my wife and I share, been using Apple Music for months so I’m glad they put it in the bundle, and today I tried Fitness+ and loved it (love the yoga especially!! Oh and I’ve had AppleTV+ since the beginning so I’m glad that’s in the bundle also…


Leo, Mikah,
I can’t understand why you always “dis” The Morning Show”. I , and others in our family found it very entertaining. I do agree Ted Lasso is awesome.
Great podcast!
Thanks, Joe

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I agree! My wife and I loved the morning show and Ted Lasso. We even liked See until it got kinda weird toward the end