MBW 743: So Much Spirit Gum

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I really wish I could say “screw you” to Adobe, but I’m in a work group in which we have to pass Adobe files back & forth between each other. :neutral_face:

Where did Lori go? Miss her!

Lory got a job with Apple. :frowning: We’ll rotate people until we find a suitable replacement.


Leo you asked in MBW who the Air Pod Max is for, even at that price it’s me. I drive trucks across the country, ride Amtrak, Greyhound, UBER, etc… even during CoronaVirus season. I use my OTE headphones :headphones: in the truck because it’s so loud, but if a call comes in on my iPhone I can’t answer it while wearing :headphones:. I wear AirPods other places but they fall out at will changing planes, trains, and Automobiles… FxxK, FxxK, FxxK, FxxK, FxxK, FxxK, FxxK, FxxK, FxxK, FxxK, FxxK, FxxK, FxxK, FxxK … Anyway, I’ve been waiting for these and in 26 weeks when my blue pair is ever delivered, I will own them proudly…

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Great show! Merlin was good to hear from again. I recently got back in the Mac game with the new M1 and have been enjoying catching up on MacBreak shows over the past 4 weeks!

I did shout an audible “come on man” when in the same breath Andy said the president was right about the ATT / Time Warner acquisition but also that he was wrong because it was solely to spite CNN. I love ya Andy, but come on man!

Keep up the great shows!

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I have a different version of the Rat Hole song…Rat Hole


Guess what

The Classic! Thanks to Paul Minshall for writing that. 10 years ago! And thanks to you for saving it!

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I have listen to MBW for quite a while now. But, this weeks episode is my favorite ever. I have never laughed so hard, while listening to a podcast. The group was so cohesive. Do whatever it takes to get Merlin permanently back in the saddle!!

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Great show, as always! Just wanted to weigh in re: Apple’s Spatial Audio.

Right now, it does feel a bit like a novelty, but if we think of it in the context of augmented reality, I think we can begin to see the value in “anchoring” sound to a “virtual” object in an AR space.

Much like visual occlusion helps sell a virtual object’s place in an AR space by interacting and anchoring to the real world environment, so too could proximity and directional feedback add a layer of realism to sound in AR.

Just my two cents! Cheers!!

Again, I think it’s early days, but I think this is a small piece of a bigger AR play.

I had the same thought when they introduced spatial audio and lidar— this all testing for AR, likely glasses.

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Stupid comes in many shapes, sizes and court cases.