MBW 722: The ARM and Other Appendages

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Really like when you have Dave Hamilton on the show.

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You started to touch on a few things that not many people have discussed about Apple Silicon based Macs.

  1. All laptop manufacturers are limited by what Intel provides including performance, power and peripherals. This means that all laptops are almost identical with little variation other than design and feature inclusion.

  2. Apple Silicon can draw from a long list of sensors and peripherals that Apple has developed for phones as well as all the other things they would like to add but couldn’t because the Intel architecture didn’t support it. Think how the T2 chip has already significantly enhanced the Intel based Macs.

I think we may see a redefinition of what a “laptop” is just like the MacBook Air helped define the ultrabook, but the Intel based laptops will not be able to follow easily.


MBW Dream Team: Rene Ritchie – Leo Laporta – Alex Lindsay – David Hamilton


David Hamilton was a great guest! I love your proposed lineup but I really need Andy in there, even if that’s five people.
p.s. @Leo I really can’t wait until you can have hosts back in the studio again; you’re doing great moderating but it’s so nice when people are in house and there’s fewer issues with people talking over each other; the conversational just flows…

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Agreed @ChrisKez - Skype latency really does make it hard sometimes.


Watching Tom Hanks Greyhound on AppleTV+. Holy-Crap!! just 45 minutes in and need a break to let my heart rate slow down.

Changing subject but @Leo what was that 3D face-scanned mask template you were showing off on the livestream before the show??? I never caught the name, but it looked like a cooler version of the ones the Bellus3d iOS app makes.

No it was Belus3D. I got my mask fitters and they’re AWESOME. Turns any mask into a super mask by sealing it all around.

I used a standard disposable surgical mask with the fitter and a face shield while grocery shopping yesterday and I felt invulnerable.

The deets and scary image are on my secret blog: https://leo.fm/2020/06/improved/


Oh awesome, thanks! I tried Belus3d yesterday and the generated mask didn’t have those cross-pieces in front. Maybe they realized those aren’t needed for stability and removed them in an update.

The cross pieces are a feature of the premium fitters. They offer three, Standard, Tall, and Premium. Frankly the Standard is just fine.

I blogged about it here: https://leo.fm/2020/07/maskfitters/


Ah yes, I hadn’t gotten down to the purchase options yet. Thanks again for the tip! My orthodontist friend has a shiny new STL file waiting in her inbox.

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Dave Hamilton’s pick of the week, Cloudflare for Families caught my attention. I reconfigured our home router’s DNS and discovered when using FireFox or Opera on Mac, going to twit.community ends up with unable to connect. Adding www.twit.community solves the issue. Safari on the other hand handles the redirect.