MBW 706: Now in Pink Cactus

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Nice to see @Leo back in the saddle running everything. The 2x2 video layout for the panel looked fine.

Leo had a discussion a few weeks back about the late Larry Tesler’s famous “NO MODES” license plate. This is what bugs me about websites today: I get a popup to accept their cookie policy, a popup complaining that I’m using a third-party blocker, a popup asking me if I want notifications (NO!), and a popup asking me to get a paid subscription. Tesler got it right: all of these are modal interactions, and all are supremely annoying.

A question for @Lory and Rene: would the iPad Pro + Magic Keyboard survive a reclining seat in Economy Class? Would you be better off deploying the Keyboard in your lap than on the seat back tray? It’s an extrapolation of the MagSafe plug: an entire computer that can detach from its stand and input devices. Alex should be happy.

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If you’re asking about whether putting the iPad Pro with the keyboard on your tray table, and then someone puts their seat back in front of you, potentially crushing your iPad in its case, I’d guess, no. We don’t have it in our hands yet, but we do know that, thanks to the floating hinge, it’s taller than just an iPad in a standard keyboard case, and we’ve all seen what could happen with that. The hinge, however, may make it possible to just push the iPad down and away from the seat, but I wouldn’t risk it, personally.


First off, in all fairness I am a Microsoft and Windows Fan boy just as much as an Apple fan boy. That being said. To me the new iPad design is an admitting that Microsoft has designed a form factor that everyone loves. A tablet computer with a hardware keyboard when you want it and a table when you don’t.

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I just installed iPadOS on my 5g iPad. The new version with a v2 Magic Trackpad is marvelous! @Lory, I hope iMore will do a guide, because some things do not quite make sense. In particular, it appears as if one must physically click the trackpad in order for the iPad to register the click. There are times when a trackpad with that old iPad will be very nice.

I can’t imagine that anyone is in love with a kick stand. We haven’t seen it yet, but the cantilevered design looks like a real winner. And the quick-release for the tablet is basically MagSafe on steroids. :grinning: It’s a great way for the input devices to work together with the iPad, and a great way for them to be instantly separated. Power transmission through the USB-C port at the base also looks like a winner: your iPad will be constantly charging and ready to be detached for keyboard-free action.

Remember the Rio? Remember Blackberry? Everybody “loved” those designs, too, until something better came along. And Microsoft’s manufacture of products under their own label sets a weird tone – they’re undermining their partner manufacturers.

I can’t wait to see the new keyboard/trackpad in May.

@Leo there is in fact a MagSafe analogue in the Windows world-- the Surface Connect.