Mass Effect Andromeda

Downloaded this.from EA access so free. For Xbox one X . I knew it was a mess when it was released but I thought it was all patched. The first level there were times I was walking in mid air . Hopefully the rest of game is ok

There are a few known glitches so you are correct, it has not been fully patched. I haven’t had a chance to fully play through either (yet) but other than the wonky controls, all you’d have to deal with is the complexity of the game itself.

This is also a much different game than Mass Effect 1, 2 & 3 so consider the past story if you’ve played through them but Andromeda is loosely based.


I got this game day one and actually enjoyed it. I encountered a couple bugs but nothing “game breaking.” I didn’t agree with the reviews the game got because in most reviews they compared it to the trilogy and I believe that is unfair.

Comparisons against the original trilogy were why i never bought a copy. That, and the fact that it was sold exclusively through EA’s garbage Origin client.

If they didn’t want it to be compared to Mass Effect games, they shouldn’t have called it Mass Effect!

But that is like comparing Fallout 4 to Fallout New Vegas. It is still a Fallout game but made by a completely different team. Fallout 4 didn’t stack up to New Vegas but it didn’t make it a bad game.

Reviewing a game based solely on what a previous title did is unfair. Every new Madden is not better than the one before. Halo 5: Guardians story wasn’t as good as others. List can go on and on.

Reviewers had their hopes and expectations set so high that they bombed the reviews because the story wasn’t like the others. Well, new characters tend to have different stories. I just think the hate the game got was unfair.

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Digital copies. I’ll give you that one. It was readily available on disc even for PC if I recall correctly.

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I didn’t like the controls either. That was my main complaint was how wonky it felt to play.

I had to put a few more hours into it than the last edition I played but when I have a day of more concentration I’ll re-run all the way through the game and finish it.

Ive picked it up again and it’s getting better no more glitches so far. I think am getting into the story now so will probably be my main game until i complete it