Anyone Playing Jedi Fallen Order?

I picked it up over the weekend, loving it so far. Must play for any Star Wars gamer fans. The lightsaber fighting mechanics are really satisfying but difficult to master. The whole atmosphere of the game feels wholly Star Wars, exactly what I was hoping for.

Most surprising of all, it’s built on the Unreal engine! Guarantee there’s steam coming out of a few executives’ ears over at EA headquarters over that one.


Glad to hear you are enjoying it.

I played a demo and its on my christmas list im looking forward to playing it!

I was thinking it’s time for a new game…thanks for the recommendation :+1:


I’ve only watched it, but from what I can tell the backtracking is a bit of a bear. It’s almost like EA is being passive-aggressive about it after Disney threatened them with revocation of the Star Wars license for their lootbox shenanigans in the past few games. They’re like: Oh, so you want to gouge our revenue model, Disney? Well, let’s see how players feel about no fast travel! Pretty under-handed, if you ask me. Sure, there’s rationales about why it’s “better” this way, but I smell a rat. There’s lots to like about the gaming experience other than that, though.

Interesting that you say this. My friends all give me crap because I almost never use fast travel mechanisms in games. Can’t think of a better way to tear myself out of the experience of a game with a really good narrative. But that’s just me.

Gotta remember that Respawn Entertainment is the studio behind the game, a development “horse” within EA’s stable that has historically chafed pretty hard with EA. During a period where EA was trying to homologate all projects to use their controversial Frostbite game engine, Respawn slips in and publishes Apex Legends based on Valve’s Source engine of all things. And now Fallen Order, using Epic’s Unreal Engine. The point is, I feel like Respawn are legit trying to make the best game possible regardless of market pressures or EA executive strategies.


I definitely agree with you that Respawn’s heart is probably generally in the right place, I just have to wonder about that design decision making it through. Seems like an over-reaction. Whether or not that’s Respawn being a little old-fashioned or EA looking the other way to be sure they overcompensate simply out of fear, I couldn’t say. But it seems at least somewhat suspect, to me. Probably it was out of fear, but EA’s track record’s enough at this point to where I wouldn’t extend them the benefit of the doubt by default.

I started playing Force Unleashed on my hacked PSP. I heard good things about this game.

Gotta finish Luigi’s Mansion first then I’ll give it a go.

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Hoping to find a BF deal on this. Still making my way though Death Standing for now.

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Am playing it now . Am enjoying it . There’s very few games I buy now because of gamepass but am glad I bought this

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Finally finished it this weekend. Ashamed to say I had the lower the difficulty for the final two major battles. Super satisfying ending, made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end at a certain part. Gotta play it all the way through - totally worth it!