EA Giving up on Origin

Finally! After years of irritating their customers and missing out on game sales with their Origin platform, EA will now offer their titles on Valve’s Steam platform once more. I’m just happy I’ll get to play Jedi Fallen Order!

Now how long will it take Epic Games to figure this out?

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It’s about time. Origin has been a thorn in my side for years and I’m so glad to see this transition back to a unified platform. I’ve got so many launchers installed on my computer just to play one or two games, it would be nice to see this start a trend back to giving the one clear winner back the reigns to the electronic game delivery platform world.

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Do we know if there will be a way to transition existing games purchased in Origin over to Steam, without having to repurchase?

I absolutely agree that launcher sprawl is a real and irritating problem, but I don’t agree that a single company (like Valve) should “hold the reigns” as the only option consumers have. I’d argue that any smart developer should release their work on as many platforms as possible. An exclusivity deal might be good for a short term return, but ultimately it simply limits the number of people who will play the game.

I applaud any developer who wants to self-publish, but I should be able to get the game through any retailer I want. Imagine if you could only buy Xbox games from Walmart?

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I didn’t see anything about that. It doesn’t seem like Origin is going away, EA will simply begin offering their software in both places. I’d imagine if Origin was being killed they might offer a transfer process.

I absolutely don’t disagree with that. I think a game developer should release their game on whatever platform they want. All I’m saying is that Steam has become a defacto standard in the game distribution platform space so it should always be one of the places that devs release their games. It’s no different than all these cable channels coming out with their own streaming services. If I want to cut the cord I want a way to find all the things I want to watch in one place for one low price. If I have to get a different subscription for every channel I want to watch content on, I’m no better off than I was with an expensive cable or satellite package.