Gaming franchises you wish more people knew of

I wanted to pose this to everyone here; Is there a gaming franchise you love that nobody you know seems to have ever heard of?

For me, it’s The Legend of Heroes series by Falcom. They’re a fantastic series of Japanese RPGs that have been around for about 15 years now.

They’re making a bigger push into North America, so if you’re looking for some really good storytelling, give them a look. The majority of them are on Steam now.

For me it’s less of a series or franchise, and more of a specific game.
Eve Online
I’ve been playing for over a decade, and it seems like a lot of people have heard of it, and mostly heard bad things about it, but not many people gave it more than a few hours, if anything at all.
‘Hardcore’ space MMO. Full loot, player economy, (almost) no rules. It’s not for everyone, but I think more people would like it if they gave it enough time to get into.

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Hmm… I have very specific tastes in games that most people aren’t as into. Specifically dual stick shooters. One of my favourite of this sort is Pixeljunk Shooter. (I’m a PS4 gamer.)

Some other titles I like:
Tesla vs. Lovecraft
Super Stardust HD

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Tried out Nex Machina? Those other ones you mentioned are pretty great, though.

Based solely on the reputation of the other Housemarque games I pre-ordered it. I just haven’t managed to really get into it as much, for some reason, mostly because I don’t seem to be very good at it for some reason.

Hitman. The games in the franchise are some of my favourites, but not many people have played most of the games.


Was going to bring up this one. It’s a really unique puzzle game, but people see it and assume it’s just another murderfest kinda game. The latest two Hitman games have been absolutely top notch!

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A puzzle game is a great way to put it. I can spend hours in the game not doing anything violent, just wandering around the world, listening to conversations, observing how and where characters move, etc.