Looking for video on improving zoom presence

FIrst posting. Long time Leo guy.


I can’t seem to find an episode where Paul Therrot (?) did a great piece on

Improving online presence by buying inexpensive webcam and microphone.

I do not know if this is the correct forum, please excuse the newbies inexperience. I do have other questions and would appreciate directions on asking them in the right place. (First time on a discord server - is this a discord server? I always imagined it was some machine that was buried in the PA/NY border (Mt Weather) that you needed a special super secret password to access.

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Hi Schoos!

Firstly, this is not a Discord server, this is a discussion forum that runs on a software called Discourse. Easy to confuse the two, but Discord is geared more towards real-time voice communication and has a standalone application that you can run on your desktop or mobile device.

As for your missing episode, I can’t remember a specific segment where they talked about that, but I’m sure it was discussed at some point. You can get a list of all WW episodes on the TWiT site here - https://twit.tv/shows/windows-weekly

I did a quick search on the site with your keywords but couldn’t find anything.

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@Schoos What’s your budget?

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Use whatever HD webcam you can get your hands on. Nice lights like these will really help. (affiliate link)

Also, a decent microphone will help with ambient audio reduction. This is a budget one that works fairly well.

Hope that helps. Welcome to the forums.
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@Schoos What do you use as an audio output? Do you know if your computer has split audio input-output? If you have split input-output I’d suggest that you get the Pyle Pro headset mic. It’s the mic Alex Lindsay recommends for people in your situation all the time in his Office Hours. It retails for about $15.

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