Remote multi camera setup

I know years ago TWiT was using Skypezilla to bring all of the hosts together into one video. How are they doing it today? I am in local government need to do replicate what TWiT does more and more for our city council meetings. Before Zoom was “good enough” now they want to up their game approaching a fully produced show (as I am understanding it). If I can be pointed in a direction, I can dive in from there.

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Still Skypesaurus. We have four rack-mounted Dell PCs, each running a dedicated Skype which we then mix-down via the Tricaster. Skype has a technology called Skype TX which does the same thing in a single box. We’ve been testing it with mixed success. Alex Lindsay says he is not fond of it.

Try as we might we’ve not found anything better than Skype, despite its many frustrations, although OBS Ninja shows promise.


Thanks, Leo for the response.

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THEORY: Can Skype run [well] in a virtual machine? That way you could host multiple VMs on the same machine and output each one on a different HDMI port on the machines GPU. Feed those HDMI’s into the ATEM Mini and you got yourself a mini powerhouse for Skyping to video.

Direct graphics passthru and USB passthru can cause problems. Given that you only ned a relatively cheap and basic PC, I’d rather run each dedicated, especially on something that needs reliabe, live feeds.

And that is from someone who runs 20 VMware servers in 5 clusters over multiple sites.

Why would you need this? Set the GPU with multiple desktop screens and then put a Skype VM on each desktop window? You would need a GPU capable of doing say 4 screens at 1080p, but that should be most modern GPUs.