Skype virtual meeting

For my Toastmasters club (an organization to help build public speaking skills), we had a problem at our first group video meeting. The speaker could not be seen well enough by their evaluator & therefore couldn’t give as good of feedback.
To explain, each meeting usually has three speakers and each get an evaluator to give them feedback. One aspect of the feedback one gives is body language.

Is there a way to choose one person to be visible during a group video call on Skype? Understand that it wouldn’t be for the whole video, just part and if possible it would change a couple times and go back to full group.

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Not sure about Skype or Skype for Business, but I think Teams has now got the ability pin and reframe a video by right clicking on a video. Not sure if that needs to be done by each user. I have a Teams conference call later. I’ll give it a try (if I have the latest Teams installed).

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I was going to suggest, only to learn they rebranded to and I see the free level only allows 4 attendees. I have only used it with two people in the past, and at that point it allowed you to pick one sender to be much larger than all the rest. (As I have never used it with more than two I don’t know if it would context switch the large image based on who is speaking.) They charge $50/mo to allow up to 50 people… I wonder if they have a larger free tier for non-profits. (Mind you I don’t know, is Toastmasters actually a non-profit?)

Toastmasters is a nonprofit.

Just had the daily catch up through MS Teams and con confirm if you right click on a video and select “Pin”, it opens that video fully and only displays that video, so that is one solution. Teams is free for everyone currently I believe and you just have to set up a Teams meeting and forward the link to everyone.