KeyPad like software for Windows


A week or two ago Andy introduced KeyPad as his pic of the week and I am loving it for my Mac…
… but I use a Windows machine as well. Does anyone have a suggestion for PC/Windows?

Basically the computer connects to your mobile device via bluetooth and then you can use they keyboard and mouse attached to your Mac on your mobile device.

Perhaps this?

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Looking good until I saw the price… :frowning:

Yeah, I know, it would be cheaper to buy an actual keyboard right? They do exist by the way. You can get one keyboard that can pair to multiple machines via Bluetooth and then press a button to switch your typing to whichever.


Oh! Didn’t know that… wonder if they have that for mice too…

I actually cannot find KeyPad Digital KVM anywhere. I just get physical KVMs on Google. Something similar may be Synergy which is a lot chipper than Across. There is also Microsoft’s Mouse Without Borders, but that is Windows only.

Personally, I just use remote desktop on my Mac to my Windows Machine these days.

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Another alternative is a USB switch is what I have - share up two four USB devices between two computers (basically a KVM switch without the V). I hardly use it these days really - I use remote desktop to my Windows machine from my Mac unless I want to play games.

I have a Logitech MX Master 2, that can connect to 2 PCs either by Unify dongle or Bluetooth.

You can get KVM USB switches, which also switch video.

You can, but they are rather more expensive that the A$30 or so I paid for my USB switch, and a KVM switch that can handle two monitors command a hefty price.

Matias used to be a TWiT sponsor: Matias Wireless Aluminum Keyboard

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I haven’t looked into these choices, but you might want to:

Edit: Sorry, got lazy there and didn’t check for cross-platform features. Might not be anything useful enough for you there, but maybe it’s ok just as FYI.

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Yeah, I’ve found a few keyboards now, but no mice yet :cry:

How about Logitech Flow?

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Logitech have plenty. MX Master, Triathlon (I have the Triathlon) for example can pair with multiple computers.


I use barrier on Windows and Linux.