FOP AND HOP are the greatest

FOP is fun and HOP is great!! Ant has me actually thinking about what goes into creating photographs and videos!! A couple of days ago I bought Affinity Photo for my iPad Pro after watching HOP for 7 weeks - keep em coming Mr Pruitt :fist_right:t2::tumbler_glass:


Is this podcast video series or can I just listen to it anyway am gonna try it as I just can’t take good photos
:slight_smile: Thanks for the recommendation I had no idea this show existed


Thanks, @j666w. FOP is audio-only and more of a round-table discussion with my co-host Woolz as well as guest appearances. HOP is video and audio which focuses more on getting beginners started with cameras and editing. Slow paced. Bite size vids.

I 'preciate ya watching and sharing with others :fist_right:t5::tumbler_glass:


THANKS, my man. I have Affinity and use it more on iPad when I actually do mobile editing. It’s pretty nice on iPad. It’s ahead of Photoshop on iPad (for now). Photoshop on iPad has a ways to go to catch up.