Linksys VoIP phone adapter with router

I’m just got a Linksys VoIP phone adapter with router from eBay
I am trying to setup google voice.

I don’t know what the log in and password is

Any help would be great

You have any model number to offer? I suspect you’re going to need to Google with the model number for things like the owners manual, or at least things like “factory reset” and “default password.”

I had one of those for Vonage. There was no interface for it, it was all firmware.

Check on the router physically for any stickers or moulded-plastic identification. Typically there’s a default firmware login that’s exposed on the physical device. Once your router works for the broader Internet, then you can worry about Google Voice.

I still have the one Vonage sent me 15 or so years ago (I no longer have Vonage service.) It is locked down to Vonage and you need their help/permission to reset/reuse it.

Could be a Linksys papt2 which I believe the default credentials are admin and a blank password.

I think I lost my PAP2 in my last move…
From what I recall, I think they were purpose built for Vonage. I don’t think they could be repurposed.

I believe there was a specific pap2 for Vonage which was unlockable with a lot of messing about. I had the t model which you could use with many VoIP providers. I suppose it depends on which model the OP has.