VPN Recommendations (Router Friendly)

I want to use Locast for programming in my home market while I’m out of town. To make this work I will need a VPN and since I want to do this from my Roku-based TV I want to do this on my router. Issue for me is that my router a TP-LINK Archer C7 doesn’t have built-in OVPN support without flashing it to DD-WRT (doable, but don’t want to do it right now). The router will work with PP2P or L2TP and some providers support that (ExpressVPN) but others that I’d like to consider may not (VyprVPN). Curious what others are using in a similar situation, and recommendations about VPNs in general.

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I don’t have the same use case as I VPN into my network rather than out, but pfsense has the ovpn support you are looking for.

You can roll your own hardware or buy off the shelf models too.