LIKE - How to Avoid Filler Words

Observation: how many times the filler word “LIKE” is used on Twit Podcasts.

How to Avoid Filler Words


It definitely takes training and practice. :fist_right:t4::tumbler_glass:


Is this a different thread from the other filler word thread?

At first, I thought, “he sure talks slow” but have come to realize this more relaxed speech eliminates or drastically reduces the need for “filler words”. One side affect with slower speech, the other panel members talk over you which is another subject for discussion.

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Yes and if would provide a link to other such threads, it would be appreciated.

You’re correct. I DO speak slowly. I hear myself and feel I sound like I’m asleep. Lol! Unfortunately I doubt my pacing will ever change. I won’t sound like myself, I’m sure

Do not change! Your diction and timing are perfect for your voice and it would only sound fake if you tried to alter it. It’s full of warmth and personality, which is why you fit at TWiT - all the hosts tend to be good at projecting warmth: good “radio voices”.

Besides, I can’t stand it when someone sounds like they’re reading the fine print part of a loans advert. :wink:


Thanks, @Clayton. Years ago i didn’t like my voice or the way it sound. I finally accepted it and got used to hearing myself on playback. I accepted that people are going to grin when I say something with a southern drawl. All good, though. I yam what I yam :grinning:


Just tying the two threads together Eliminating Filler Words

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One option is to think, substitute “Similar to” every time you hear “LIKE”.

This thread over here…

Though, that one seems to be more about the why we use filler words. This one seems more about what to do about it.

Oops, @PHolder beat me to it!

Honestly, I can’t see this as a bad thing. Since you’ve joined the network, I’ve been learning a lot listening to you. You speak slowly, sure, but what you say comes out fully formed.

Everyone does things differently, but that’s what’s great about TWiT.


Thanks a lot, @FilD. I 'preciate that.

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IOS Today 470 Matthew Cassinelli

This coming from a TWiT host. You guys like everything.

I think you’re confusing me with someone else


Yeah alright. You can keep your fancy title. I’m not even trying to trash you.

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Lol! I don’t “like” everything

Right. So do you dislike everything?


Nope. I like some things. I dislike some things. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: