LG sound bar service menu

Hi all
So I finally bout the LG C2 77” OLED
And with that i chose to go for top of the line
( i wanted ti go for Sony ht7000 but don’t know why I didn’t)

So it’s really solid but i have 2 issues that hope to get some answers

If i turn the surround sound ON bass will go down although i put the subwoofer level and bass level all the way up
And on normal mode only 5.1 movies go to rear speakers but better in bass
I wanted to factory reset the soudbar as the bluetooth wasn’t working
But I couldn’t find any way to do that
I tried a few things and enetered in secret menu
Didn’t know what do do with that

So im looking for 3 things
1- secret /service menu manual
2- a way to reset factory
3- make a better bass( it is so clear in voice but not enough bass and i adjsuted everything in it
4- make rear speakers work with youtube

Im using earc

Thank you

Can you still send it back? the Sound Bar to AVOID in 2022??? LG S95QR SOUND BAR REVIEW - YouTube

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I saw that and one more YouTube video but I don’t know if they are that much trustable

So I finally took your advice and replaced it with Sony A7000 + sw+rs
It is amazing so far