Sound for movies

Hey everyone

Here i have another old question

As more staying home and more Netflix

What should we do with the horrible sound quality of movies
I mean, i have a 5.1 sound system because i can not listen to the TV speaker at all
But I’m living in a place that I don’t want to bother neighbors
As a result i had to change all the settings in my sound system and put the center speaker right to my ears but even though i can not leave the remote for a second
Voices are toooooo low and sound effects are toooooo loud and it is making me crazy
I changed whatever settings i could and made the center the loudest and the rest to the lowest setting
And changed the preset tried all of them
Bad part is as jacks are priority and can not swithch them so i cant use a behind speaker as the center either
Please help with tour suggestions

SafeNsound=safe inside

Enable that crappy Dynamic Noise Reduction or whatever it is called on your equipment or player.
It ruins the dynamic range by making the quiet stuff louder and the loud stuff quieter.

Isolate the bass unit from the floor and hang blankets around the walls if they are bare or just have pictures on.

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What’s the system you are using? Some come with a useful preset. E.g., I have a BOSE SoundTouch soundbar that has a dialogue mode which tones down upper and lower bands of frequencies while boosting mids. It’s excellent to understand movies.

I live in a very small place with a 60” tv and a sony home theatre bdv-e2100 system that sounds good enough for me
It has 3 different settings that i could find
Equalizer (movie,music,etc)
Individual speaker volume (all set to -6 except center is set to +6)
Other settings:
BD audio mix settings (on/off)
Audio DRC for BD or DVD (on:off)
Attenuate )on/off)
Sound effects (dts beo6music) thus one has the best result i guess (Before it was dolby pro logic)
Sound mode on/ dolby pro logic/dts neo cinema/dts neo music/ 2ch stero/off

Please let me know if any change culd make it betterment

Hmm - that’s interesting. I don’t have a solution there.

It seems to me that if you are living in a small space and have a 60 inch TV, the TV probably has around 20 watt speakers which should be ample, especially if you don’t want to bother the neighbours.

If surround sound is a must, there will be more noise. Plus, there will be more technically non-necessary (for following the plot) but immersion-building noise around you.

Maybe, do an experiment:

  1. Take your favourite movie trailer and watch it on your current set-up
  2. Write down what you like and don’t like. Sounds crazy, but this matters.
  3. Unplug your surround sound system and watch it on the TV speakers.
  4. Make your notes on how that sounds.
  5. Reset your TV to standard settings.
  6. Watch the trailer only on the TV, take notes.
  7. Reset your surround sound to standard settings.
  8. Watch the trailer on TV with surround sound, take notes.

Compare your notes and go with the best option. In my mind, at least, sound is always a trade-off - one solution accomplishes one goal while the other does the other thing.

There are chances that you simply configured both systems not to work “in harmony” anymore but you forgot what you all configured. Happened to me before. Maybe, based on your current set up the standard, stock set up sounds better. Generally, stock settings are not the worst solution and tweaking can make things sound much worse.

Just my 2 cents. Hope they help.

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Thanks for the helpful info
I managed something that is 20% helping

So i just cant listen to any videos/music with tv speakers/ cell phones
It is not the loudness but the richness of the sound and a little bit of bass that i need
So i turned the audio effects OFF on sound system that basically made it to sound only from front speakers and then switched front speakers with behind ones as they have simmilar speakers and jacks
And it was somehow helpful as im sitting right next to behind surround speakers

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