Apple TV App help needed

I have a 75" LG TV connected to a Marantz receiver running my B&W surround speaker system. I started my Apple One free trial and tried watching one of the Apple+ shows using the Apple TV App from the LG store, not the actual Apple TV device. It worked great for 11 minutes and the sound stopped. We fast forwarded a minute and it worked for another 5 minutes and the sound stopped. We launched a different show and after 1 minute the sound stopped. I ended up streaming the show from my iPhone to the TV. I would love suggestions on what to try. I have both an optical cable and an ultra high speed HDMI connecting the TV to the receiver. The App doesn’t seem to have any settings for audio other than accessibility features.

It sounds to me like the app is buggy, or else LG app running infrastructure is crappy. I presume you’ve tried check for a firmware update for the TV as well as any updates for the app(s).

I think “Smart” TVs are anything but. I don’t think the manufacturers care one iota about the quality of their apps and will abandon them before the move on to the next model year. To them it’s just a checkbox on the sales sheet, and thus an expense… so they cheap out. Which means almost everyone will eventually ignore/disable the “Smartness” and replace it with an external device or dongle.

If you’re angry enough, spend $50 or so and buy a ChromeCast with Google TV dongle. It recently got the AppleTV app (weirdly still not actually on Android, but is on Android TV.) It has a nice remote, can run all sorts of OTT apps, and is almost free compared to anything similarly capable from Apple itself.

Thanks. I suspect you’re right. I do have a chromecast, and a fire tv, and an apple tv for that matter but I moved the latter to my workout room for Fitness+. I was just enjoying using the LG apps so I could use LG’s remote. I have a harmony remote set up to control the peripheries, but DH complains more about the Harmony than the LG remote. The LG remote is really nice for choosing text input with a cursor they put on screen. I’ve actually been having having a problem with video resolution on my LG Amazon app downgrading the video resolution to be almost unwatchable sometimes. I’m beginning to suspect LG doesn’t support its apps very well.