Sound bar - sound system suggestion

Hello everyone
Although there are a few suggestion pages i wanted to narrow down selection a little bit as we get closer to discount season:)
Till now I had an older 5.1 Sony home theater system with my 75” LG nano
This has wired back and front speakers
Sound quality is acceptable for movies and just ok for music
I also have a LG sound bar with subwoofer for my LG 65” it is not bad but I want to upgrade it to something better

My use is:
Normal movies

My requirements are:
Have a rich sound with good base
Price something under $500 or close if a really good one is available
Recognizable brand ( preferably tier one brands)

1-What would be the suggestion
2-Is there any atmos available
3-Can i find something with separate wireless behind speakers
4- would the ones without separate speakers (but with subwoofer) have good atmos upshoot


IMHO you should maybe have a different system for really listening to music (as opposed to just background sounds like a radio) than for TV surround. I guess that MIGHT change if you’re really into the new trend (mostly from Apple) in 3D audio, but I honestly feel like that is just a gimmick and not worth investing into. (It would depend on how much “legacy” music you would listen to, too. :wink: )

So if your current surround system is adequate for your needs for your TV, leave it be, for now, and invest in a pair of really nice speakers for your music needs. AudioEngine and Elac are two names I would check into.


Yeah music is not my main concern as i have google and amazon and also speakers
But for my movie fulfillment, the soundbar i have is not that great i need some more separation and definitions specially surround
So my Sony although it’s old and is wired is not bad at all
I wanna update the LG soundbar for movie and looking to see if i can stick with a soundbar on that price or not
And also if 2 pice is good or can i find a 4 pice sour bar

Well, when it comes to sound bars with surround, I’m afraid you’re likely to find, to a point, that you get what you pay for. Techmoan did a review, and then an update on a nice Sony system, if my memory serves, but I think the price might be higher, like around $1000-$1200.


Yes I followed Techmon and saw this on both his and lines channel
That is wonderful and I love Sony but price is way too high
I may end up with that as I really don’t like to go cheap when i shop

RTings suggests the : Samsung Q990B which is just as expensive I’m afraid.
The 7 Best Dolby Atmos Soundbars - Fall 2022: Reviews -
Maybe the VIZIO Elevate is worth a good look? (Vizio doesn’t do business in Canada unfortunately, so I don’t know a lot about them, but a friend in the US loves his Vizio TV.)

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You didn’t mention price. For my part, I’m very happy with Sonos Arc setup: Arc, 2x Sonos One SL (rear) and a Sonos Sub. I am very happy with music and with surround/Atmos. The limitation here is your TV, which must have HDMI with Audio Return Channel (another ARC not to be confused with Sonos Arc). My only complaint is sometimes dialog in movies, even with Sonos voice boost function. I understand this is a common problem some modern films, created entirely on the mixing end!

Arc will do psudo Atmos using the upward facing speakers even without rears. It sounded pretty good on it’s own, but you will need rear speakers for 5.1/surround (obviously) and the Sub (which is crazy powerful) is recommended for good bass.

Re: Dolby Atmos music is not a gimmick. Remastered music provides real spatial orientation of musicians and instruments. Some Beatles stuff in Atmos is amazing. Even better is Jazz like Miles Davis. Classical too. It’s very interesting, but only if you have a speaker setup or headphones that support it (e.g. AirPods Pro, Bose QC35, and Sonos surround setup) and a service that provides the remastered content (Apple Music). Some people don’t find it compelling, so I would recommend hearing it before investing in kit.


Great thanks
Yes that is exactly what i need
Watch a movie with surround
So rear speakers = checked
Rear speakers should be true wireless meaning other than power nothing should be needed for each individual rear speaker ( some models have hub + speakers)
As for music i have apple and generally with the volume level I need sound bar is more than enough as long as it has clear sound
And yes voice in movies are awful

As for the price I mentioned ~$500
But after searching more there is nothing less than $1500 that us even close

I also gave my 75” LG Nano + Sony home theater to my sister
So im stuck with my 65” LG 4k with LG small sound bar + subwoofer and want to see if i can do any upgrade thus shopping season (they are les than a year old)

So my options are:
Sonos Arc
Sony HTA70000 (if I could find)
LG sn95
Samsung has a model

They are all Big and expensive
So i have to upgrade my TV as well and I’m thinking if TV is the priority or should I go for a smaller SB
But how to find one with true wireless rear

Great to hear! Yeah, surround for $500 is difficult today. I had a Vizio 5.1 system from Costco before Sonos. It was just under $500 on sale (>5 yrs ago!), so they do exist. I was never happy with it (and it had an always-on open wifi network, which just seemed stupid).

Unfortunately with inflation and supply issues there probably won’t be any sales, but Sonos Arc + 2 One SLs retails for about $1300. When I got my system, I waited until there was a sale on the Sonos Sub. There might be sales coming up before Christmas.

A cheaper sonos option with atmos is the Beam Gen 2 ($450) and the Sub Mini ($430), so you could get all 4 pieces for ~$1300. I haven’t hear them though. (I had no idea the Sub had gone up $750!)

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So I bought the LG s95
It was good but had issues with low bass
SW wasn’t working properly

No I replaced it with Sony A7000
And it is amazing so far


I don’t know if all Sony’s gear behaves the same way, but I guess you should be aware that Linus was having problems with his HT-A9

Yes thank you for the info
Linus is a little too much to agree with
But even best buy seller had issues with his A5000
Techmoan had good experience with A7000
I love the sound it has
The only issue is that pesky doulby movies with low voice and high effects lol