Surge 3D headphones

Hi all,
This is really for Alex Lindsey if he reads this forum.
A whie ago Alex Lindsey showed off the Surge 3D 7 channel surround sound over the ear headphones. I trust Alex so I signed up for the Indygogo project. $89.00 us. I just receive them. I was so excited. I didn’t”t expect these for at least another year. I have mixed feelings. First I have tried these on both my Google Pixel 4XL, And on my Ipad Pro 12.9”. I have to turn the volume up to the max amount even to get low to medium volume. That’s the first issue. What I wanted to ask Alex is what content did you try the earphone with. I think so far that if the iPad supplied more power to drive the speakers within the earphone then maybe these would sound better. I have tried both movies from Netflix and music from Spotify, Google Play Music, and from Youtube music. At this amplification/power not just volume level. There is No Base, and not much mids, playing music. I am comparing these to my Aftershokz Air earphones. The Aftershockz are at least rich in sound from lows, mids and highs. Not Basey but rich sound. The surge 3Ds sound like highs only. Again it really sound like my ipad, and pixel phone can’t put out enough amplification to drive the many speakers in the Surge 3D headphone.
When watching a movie on my iPad at the highest volume I think these sound not bad the dialog sound chisp and good the surround sound is not bad either. But again not very Basey. Or even rich in the base. A wee bit better base than listening to music. But disappointing. I will do a bigger review on my channel web site
I just wanted Alex’s thoughts. Because since I have only listened to these for about 1.5hr maybe there is something I am doing wrong.

Sounds like you will need to use a headphone amplifier to drive them properly. Disclaimer: I’ve never used one, but have often seen them mentioned as being necessary to get enough signal level from IT equipment to work well with audiophile headphones. Seems that PCs, tablets and phones put out a relatively weak signal through their headphone ports, perhaps to avoid deafening people using the high-efficiency headphones commonly sold, so when a pair come along that need a higher-voltage signal to drive them, you have to add an amplifier.

If you do need an amplifier and you are interested in audiophile quality, I’ve heard Patrick Norton say good things about the AudioQuest Dragonfly series, but they are NOT cheap:

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I will look up the AudioQuest Dragonfly. I have tried every 3d 7.1 surround test video on YouTube and the surround sound is fairly good. But still NO base. Almost absolutely no base. Again the 7.1 is pretty good. I watched on my iPad several movies. The last one was the Star Wars New Hope. When you first put on the headphones you really notice the lack of base and the richness of sound that goes with a good base response. To test this unplug the base unit on your surround sound system if you have one and watch a movie. Or if you have Spotify go into the EQ settings and turn all the way down the 2 left most sliders. this would simulate what I hear. But you forget about the Base when you get into a 5.1 or 7.1 surround movie you forget about the lack of Base.