Let's give Alex some love

I’ve been watching MBW since episode 1 (listening in the case of the older episodes). Love it - my favourite show on TWIT, and the only TWIT show that I’ve never missed an episode of.

It’s been bothering me that on the website https://twit.tv/shows/macbreak-weekly it lists the hosts but misses out Alex. Can this be corrected?

The 2nd point I’d like to make is around rotation of hosts…

There was an idea mooted a few weeks ago, where because there are 5 hosts, one would have to drop off every week in turn. I think - given that Alex is busy and his attendance is hit and miss in any case - that the rule should be if Alex is available then he definitely attends the show along with Leo without exception. And in that case, one of the other hosts should drop off (and you keep a count of who has dropped off to keep it fair).

Otherwise if Alex takes a turn to drop off (when he would have otherwise been available) then it may be months til we see him again!

Hope that makes sense and you agree with my logic!

Love the show - keep up the good work. Everyone else is also amazing - especially Andy and Leo. Infact I love everyone on the show!

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Lol ask and you shall receive
He is on todays show!


Haha yeah I saw that after I wrote the post!!

Alex is listed as a regular contributor on the web site. There is probably a definition about who is counted as a host or a contributor. Alex’s job can take him away at pretty short notice, so maybe that’s why he’s not listed as a host?

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Also, when editors enter new episodes, the hosts are automatically added by default and the editor has to remember to remove someone if they’re not there. …so if someone’s not on half the episodes, it’s easier to not have them as a default option.